How important are exams?

You are probably interested in today’s topic of the blog „How important are exams?”. Time to bring up this point. There are different exams in every corner of the world, but we will be interested in Poland and their exams today.
Exams are used to check the knowledge that is acquired during the study period (I wrote the same exam after the eighth grade in 2020). Today I get chills at the word „exam”. Coming back, each exam is to check whether the person understood the topic (e.g. adding and subtracting
3 + 3), in my case it was a knowledge test from the beginning of my teaching process. It allowed me to enter high school, where I am studying to this day. Exams usually take the form of a more difficult piece of paper – with more material and longer response times. In a few years, another big life exam is waiting for me, which will determine what I will continue to do in my life – develop further in my studies or go to work in my profession. I believe that although I do not like such exams, they are needed just to verify the student’s knowledge and show him what he does not understand yet. It may turn out that such a mistake made in the exam in the future may affect his work / life.

Michał Ogaza, 2022